The Possibility Thinkers Bible

Discover YOUR Possibilities
by Robert H. Schuller

My Possibility Thinker’s Bible

Here are my notes (in point form) that I studied and applied in a very dark period of my life. I’m sharing Dr Schuller’s positive words of wisdom from his book in a spirit of helping, encouraging, uplifting, and hopefully (perhaps even) inspiring others “out there” in a dark place in their lives.

Never ever give up hope and always remember
“This too shall someday pass…”


Your opportunities
How to get your priorities straight
The miracles in your life
How you can turn activity into energy
Health and happiness
How to bloom where you are planted
Self love
Your self confidence
The power of overcoming defeat
Courage to face your future
How life can be beautiful

Unlock the key to each of them in
Discover your possibilities

Jesus has…

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